The Kepma Elite video library is chock full of cool stuff about how your Kepma Elite Guitar is built, and some of the people who play them.

The Making of a Kepma D2-120 Guitar

Kepma D2-131 Overview

Kepma AcoustiFex Demo

Nashville Songwriter Ben Glover on Kepma

Emma Stevens onCE

Emma Stevens talks about Kepma

Nashville songwriter Kyle Jacobs on Kepma

Michael Spriggs Kepma Demo

AcoustiFex go with logan ashley

D2-131 Demo Videos

Chorus and Reverb from an Acoustic Guitar? With the amazing D2-131A guitar, absolutely. Only the Kepma AcoustiFex system gives you studio effects without plugging in. Jim Comparato will give you a quick sound bite (byte?) of the system and the amazingly affordable and playable D2-131A model.
Jim Comparato demos the Kepma Elite D2-131A model, unplugged and no effects on... just straight up guitar in the living room. You'll hear a little natural reverb, but that's the hardwood flooring and natural sound reflection in the room.
Jim Comparato gives a quick demo of the D2-131A with the AcoustiFex system turned on, but not plugged into an amp. The Kepma AcoustiFex system gives you reverb, chorus and delay sounds directly from your guitar, no amp required! Amazing sound from an unplugged Kepma Elite acoustic guitar.

D2-120B / D2-140 Demos

James Comparato demos the D2-120B, unplugged in the living room. The D2-120B features a solid Alaskan Sitka Spruce top and rosewood back & sides and comes with an L.R. Baggs Anthem System (not used in this video).
The Kepma D2-120B comes with an L.R. Baggs Anthem Pickup System. Listen as Jim Comparato takes you on an acoustic journey through the rich, natural acoustic sound of the 120. For more info, please visit, or better yet, get down to your favorite Acoustic Guitar retailer and try one out yourself.
Jim Comparato takes you on a tone journey through the Kepma Elite D2-140 model. Featuring a solid Alaskan Sitka Spruce top and Koa back & sides, the D2-140 is as gorgeous to listen to as it is to look at. Amazing build, amazing sound... just listen!