Available Pickup Systems


Amplify your sound. Playing live? Kepma Elite Guitars feature several pickup system options for your particular tone amplification needs. Whether playing in your living room, small clubs, churches or stadiums, there's a Kepma Elite system option to take your sound to the next level. 


Kepma AcoustiFeX™

Real time studio-quality effects magic, no cable required

Kepma’s new stunning Acoustifex™ Preamp/Effects system will absolutely blow your mind.  Imagine playing your guitar in your living room, on the bus or at the beach and getting the sound of studio-quality post effects like reverb, delay and chorus without an amp, sound system or external effects. With AcoustiFex, that’s exactly what you get. Sound too good to be true? Read on…

Kepma AcoustiFex™ GO System

Real Time Studio Effects and Stellar Acoustic Tone for Every Guitar

The new Kepma AcoustiFex™ GO Preamp and Effects system gives players the freedom to add amazing studio-quality reverb, delay and chorus effects to any acoustic while playing “unplugged” and stellar acoustic tone via the integrated magnetic pickup and condenser mic combination (and of course, effects) when plugged into an amp, DI or mixing console.