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Privacy Statement

Last updated June 2018

The PRIVACY POLICY applied by Kepma US regarding handling of users' personal data as well as the information notice about interaction with its web services, is described below. This notice does not apply to other Web sites accessed through site links.



All personal data acquired and/or requested, either prior to or during the course of contractual relationship, will be used to fulfill your requirements, ensuring that the contractual obligations are met and administrative and legal obligations are provided correctly by the company Kepma US, thereby allowing the business activities associated to its objectives to be conducted as efficiently as possible. The supply of data is not mandatory but is necessary in order to set up and execute this agreement; refusal to provide such data may therefore prevent the company from establishing a working relationship with you. Furthermore, your non-sensitive personal data provided with your express consent, revocable at any time, has been obtained, for the following additional uses:

a) inclusion in Kepma US's data bases for the purpose of sending business notices/information relating to commercial activities conducted by Kepma US;

b) use for statistical purposes in connection with promotional campaigns;

c) circulating of personal data, including in the form of images and/or videos within the company’s official web site.



Data will be processed using appropriate methods and tools that guarantee their confidentiality and may be processed using electronic or automated means (network data processing systems not accessible to the public) and using non-automated means (paper-based archives and records), both protected by appropriate security measures such as personalized passwords offering exclusive access, personal identity codes and limited access to records. 

Certain types of data that are considered sensitive by the law (such as data capable of revealing racial and ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or other convictions, political opinion, membership of political parties, trade unions, associations or organizations of a religious, philosophical, political or trade union nature, as well as personal data capable of revealing state of health or sexual activities), which we could be made aware, after being informed by yourself or after having processed documents furnished by you, at the start up or during the course of a working relationship with our Company, may only be used with your prior written consent.



Personal data supplied may not be transferred by our Company, except 

a) only in the circumstances outlined by law, for the purpose of supplying the service requested and/or executing the agreement, in order to fulfill administrative, accounting and/or fiscal obligations referred to under point 1). In such circumstances, your express consent is not required, but failure to provide it will prevent the Company from setting up a working relationship or responding to your request; b) solely to outside associates of the company Kepma US, acting as tax and/or accountancy consultants, for the performance of the tasks described under point 1). Again, in these circumstances, your express consent is not required, but failure to provide it will prevent the Company from setting up a working relationship or responding to your request; c) to subsidiary companies and/or companies in which shares are held, sales networks (agents, dealers, collaborators and/or distributors), customer service and support agents, sub-suppliers and sub-contractors involved in conducting agreement / contractual or business relations.

d) If you have decided to register on the customer database of Kepma US, and freely, explicitly express consent, we can collect your personal data in your country (for example, data relating to your visits at our on-line store), transfer and store it, in accordance with existing local regulations, in another country where the server of our group companies that offer hosting services or our suppliers are located.

The data will be transferred for the purposes described in the present policy (for example, to provide the services requested by you, to share your data with other supplier companies or simply because the servers on which your data is stored is located in a third country). The existing legislation on privacy and protection of personal data in these countries might not be equivalent to that of your country of residence.

Kepma US will adopt measures to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with the present policy, independently of the country in which it might be transferred. These measures include the use of contractual clauses that are standard for the transfer of data as approved by the European Commission (i.e. specific mandatory contractual obligations which must be signed by the supplier) and/or, if applicable, the certification that the entity receiving the data, has subscribed to the U.S.A. Safe Harbor program, or other legitimate criteria provided by law, such Binding Corporate Rules, if deemed appropriate in future.

If you register on the Kepma US customer database, your data may also be stored and processed in other countries where Kepma operates databases. Where permitted in your country, using the websites or providing us with your data for the purposes stated in the present policy, you fully understand and clearly accept the transfer of personal data abroad in the context of normal business operations of Kepma US, including the collection, storage and processing of such data in the United States of America.

Your data can only be circulated or transferred for the purpose list stated in point 3).



If Kepma US processes personal data off-line (e.g.: printed forms, warranty registration cards), the party concerned must be given an information notice regarding the processing in order to obtain their consent, whenever necessary; this also applies to situations in which the data are collected from forms downloaded from the web site (the privacy statement is set out on the forms together with, whenever necessary, the request for express consent to the specific handling operation in question).



As regards to the collection of data directly on the web site (e.g.: registration forms, data sent in order to benefit from services online), the basic information relating to the processing is provided on each individual form found on the site (e.g.: at the end of each registration form); this page can however be accessed at any time in order to view the PRIVACY POLICY applied more generally by Kepma US.

Every request for information regarding the processing of personal data, whether optional, explicit or voluntary, made by electronic mail, necessarily requires the address of the sender/applicant to be given, as well as any further personal data included in the message, in order that a reply can be submitted.



The web site can be freely navigated, at no charge and without the need for any registration. Browsing without subsequent registration is monitored, but data are handled in aggregate and exclusively on an anonymous basis.

Kepma US also uses programs/services for the statistical processing of personal data relating to third parties, such as, for example, Google Analytics; the party concerned may exercise their rights, including the right to opt out, verifying the methods to be used directly with the Data Controller.



Registration may be necessary in order to benefit from a number of services, such as purchasing and registering goods online, receiving business communications/information, taking part in online forums, taking part or signing up for events/sessions.



Kepma US uses "cookies" to personalize surfing on the Internet. A cookie is a text file that is stored in the non-volatile memory in the user’s device by the server of Web pages. Cookies cannot be used to execute programs or transmit viruses to your computer. Cookies are designated to users individually and can only be read by Web servers belonging to the domain that created them. 

One of the main purposes behind cookies is to provide a simple, practical method to help you save time. For example, if you personalize Kepma US pages or register with Kepma US sites or services, a cookie will facilitate access to consult the Web pages in question. Every time you visit the Kepma US page, you can call up the information supplied beforehand, thereby utilizing the Kepma US personalized functions in a straight forward, practical way. 

Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but the browser may be programmed to refuse them. If you choose to refuse cookies, however, you may be unable to benefit from some of the interactive functions provided by Kepma US services and by the Web sites you have visited.



If you have any questions regarding the Kepma US Privacy Statement, please contact us.


Kepma US allows visitors to make comments on its Privacy Statement. If, in your opinion, Kepma US has not complied with the privacy statement, please call us or contact us by e-mail.

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