Kepma AcoustiFex


Stunning studio-quality effects, even when unplugged.

Kepma AcoustiFex

Real time studio-quality effects magic, no cable required
Kepma’s new stunning Acoustifex™ Preamp/Effects system will absolutely blow your mind.  Imagine playing your guitar in your living room, on the bus or at the beach and getting the sound of studio-quality post effects like reverb, delay and chorus without an amp, sound system or external effects. With AcoustiFex, that’s exactly what you get. Sound too good to be true? Read on…

AcoustiFex features a patent-pending design that employs a transducer coupled to the back of the guitar that uses the inertia of the original note to continue the acoustic wave’s momentum in a sympathetic vibration. The wave is transferred into the wood of the guitar using the entire body to amplify the effect. The result is a rich, natural effect sound that you can completely control.

In addition, the on-board circuitry can enhance the sound to provide thick chorus effect and even a mind-blowing acoustic delay that is speed and depth adjustable.

Go Live.
When you are ready to plug in and play live, the Acoustifex is a complete onboard acoustic preamp and effects system that uses two types of “pickups” to deliver pure acoustic magic — an under-saddle piezo for adding top end and crispness, and a full-frequency response condenser microphone to deliver the full, rich balanced acoustic sound. Each pickup features its own volume control to blend in the perfect mix of each.  Acoustifex also features a tone control to fine-tune your EQ for the room or stage. With AcoustiFex, playing live with true acoustic sound and lush studio effects has never been easier — simply plug in and play!

Eco-friendly Power.
Instead of burning through 9v and AA batteries and filling up landfills, Kepma’s Acoustifex models are powered by rechargeable 18650 mega batteries — the same type of batteries designed for use in Tesla vehicles — that provide you with over 20 hours of playing time on a single charge!  Plus, each Acoustifex model comes with a wall charger and additional battery so you’re always ready to go and you’ll never run out of juice.


Watch the Kepma AcoustiFex demo and be amazed...

Demo of the Kepma AcoustiFex system, unplugged