Limited Lifetime Warranty


US and Canada

Effective July 1st, 2018

Kepma USA guarantees the quality of the wood and materials used in the manufacture of this guitar, as well as the workmanship quality of the guitar, for as long as this product is owned by the original purchaser. This guarantee applies to the original purchaser with proof of sale from the original selling authorized USA/Canadian Kepma Retailer and becomes active upon the registration of the warranty within 30 days.

1.    Terms and Conditions. If at any time this KEPMA guitar malfunctions due to faulty materials or workmanship, KEPMA USA will repair or replace the non-conforming parts, components or the guitar, as it deems appropriate and at its sole discretion, and as the sole and exclusive remedy for any such malfunction. The purchaser shall assume and pay the cost of all shipping and postage charges involved in repairing or replacing the guitar or the applicable non-conforming part(s) or component(s). KEPMA USA must approve of any repair/replacement by an authorized factory approved warranty service center or reputable guitar service center approved by KEPMA USA before repair/replacement is performed.

2.    Factory installed electronics (such as pickup systems) will be warrantied for a period of one (1) year or (longer if offered by the electronics manufacturer if 3rdparty electronics are installed).

3.    Limitation on Obligations. This Limited Warranty does not apply: 

a.     Wear and tear to or breakage of frets, strings, nuts, saddle, or other damage or natural deterioration due to normal wear and tear of the instrument or its parts; 

b.     Defects or damage caused by modification, misuse, neglect, abuse, accidents, acts of nature;

c.     Defects caused by improper maintenance of the instrument as specified in the KEPMA Care and Maintenance Guide provided with the instrument and published on the website. (KEPMA reserves the exclusive right to make such determination of misuse, modification, or neglect based on inspection by KEPMA or an authorized KEPMA service center); 

d.     Defects involving subjective personal likes or judgments, including subjective opinions regarding sound, tone and/or musical nature of the instrument or cosmetic appearance of the woods used;

e.     Defects or damage to an instrument such as cracks, splitting, or warping of wood or damage to the instrument’s finish caused by accident, exposure to changes or extreme instances of temperature or humidity, exposure to sunlight, moisture, body salts or acids, guitar straps, or guitar stands or hangers which cause harm to the instrument; 

f.      Setups, adjustments, or any routine maintenance performed by owner or non-approved service center; 

g.     Any instrument whose serial number is missing, altered, or tampered with in any fashion.