Brad Clark Supernatural
Pickup System


Supernatural comprises two sensors inputted into a programmable preamplifier. The sounds are “tuned” by a great number of professional musicians with Supernatural facility and pre- stored into the chip. There are four presets of sounds to suit most guitars, scenarios and styles. It is unprecedented realism and flexibility.

The model ST-FS stands for its two inputs: 1) Super Discrete Power bridge sensor (SDP) and 2) the Supernatural face sensor (FS)

The Control Plate is fitted in the sound hole. It has the standard 3 band graphic EQ any professional expects, and a volume control. Four sliders from left to right: Bottom end, Midrange, Treble, Total Volume.

The push button on the right is for choosing sound programs: a green LED flashes the numbers, flash once for sound 1, flash twice for sound 2, etc.. When the battery goes flat, the red LED lights up, and there’s from 30 minutes up to several hours left depend on the battery brands.

The whole system is light in weight, it does not compromise the guitar’s acoustic performance.